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Register Date: Sep 15 2019
Publish Date: Aug 14 2019

Iran Farabourse Company to modify some regulations about its Base market equities

Iran capital market is witnessing some changes in trading equities in Iran Farabourse company

Iran Farabourse Company (IFB) as one of the four exchanges in Iran capital market is a market for equities trading. Many investors prefer to refer that exchange for investment. Not only more than 100 companies' shares have been listed in the exchange, but also many sukuk tradings take place in IFB.
Base market is one of important markets in the IFB. On a daily basis, many investors trade equities in IFB base market and the Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran, as the capital market regulator is trying regulate equities trading there. Subsequently, the SEO board members decided to make some reforms in trading there and as a result, Shariah board of SEO announced its resolution about IFB base market. In the SEO Shariah board, it is emphasized that equities trading prices should be determined by the market forces and the market supervisor should not determine the prices.

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