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Register Date: Dec 23 2018
Publish Date: Dec 23 2018

Iran Capital Market officially luanched Equities Portfolio Futures

After two years ago, Shariah Board of Securities and Exchange Organization issued its resolution about equities portfolio contracts, the contracts were launched officially.

Shariah Compliant futures contract play a notable role in Iranian capital market both for hedging and speculating purposes. Different underlying assets are composing the market and everything started just after which SEO shariah board resolved that futures contracts might be considered as shariah compliant only if specific requirements followed. However, the board rejected Index futures and Equities Portfolio Futures were structured as an alternative.
Dr. Mohammadi expressed his gratitude to all his colleagues, including those in the jurisprudence (fiqh) committee, for their role in the preparation process of the new instrument. Along with groups within the SEO, brokerage firms and investment banks also contributed a lot to the plan, he added. “Securities Depository and Settlement Funds Company (known as SAMAT) played a key role in the process, he further said.

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