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Register Date: Jul 23 2019
Publish Date: Mar 21 2019

A look at efficient strategies for Development of Shariah Compliant Futures Contracts

Iran Financial Center (IFC) organized a meeting to look some efficient strategies for development of Islamic Equities portfolio contracts in Iran Capital market

Derivatives are amongst the most important hedging instruments in many capital markets. Futures, Options and Swaps play main roles in trading value of the market. However, since 2009 Iran's capital market, officially launched Shariah compliant futures contracts for Gold Bullion as the underlying asset and that launch was a result of Shariah Board's Resolution on permissibly of structuring futures contracts in compliance with Shariah principles only if specific requirements get strictly followed.
Equities Portfolio futures contracts are considered as alternatives to conventional equities market index futures contracts and Iran financial Center during a meeting tried to gather market professionals to elaborate on how the market might be developed with launching Shariah compliant equities portfolio contracts.
During the meeting, experts discussed that development of post trade technical infrastructures might be considered as a key for development of the market.

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