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Register Date: Nov 18 2018
Publish Date: Jun 07 2018

Value of Sukuk Issuance Exceeded USD 10 Billion during 5 months of 2018

Iran capital market has welcomed to over USD 10 Billion Sukuk during from beginning of 2018 till end of May 2018

Musharakah, Salam, Ijarah and Murabaha as the main sukuk types in Iran capital market has done a notable job in answering companies' financing needs. During 5 beginning months of 2018, different sukuk types have been issued in the market which their nominal value have gone beyond USD 10 Billion.
Normally, Ijarah sukuk in the market carry a tenor between 3-4 years; Musharakah is more or less the same but Salam Sukuk is mainly categorized as a short term sukuk. Notwithstanding, normally Salam Sukuk have less than a year tenor which means that such sukuk is being used for short term financing purpose

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