Iran Farabourse Company to modify some regulations about its Base market equities
Iran capital market is witnessing some changes in trading equities in Iran Farabourse company
Aug 14 2019
11th International Forum on Islamic Capital Markets was held in Tehran
Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran held 11th International Forum on Islamic Capital Markets in Tehran during 16-17 June 2019
Jul 23 2019
Looking for Shariah compliant alternatives to conventional short sale contract
Shariah Board of SEO resolved that Wakalah Based alternative for conventional short sale will follow shariah principles
May 15 2019
IRR 10 Billion Sukuk will be offered in Iran Capital Market Soon
Iran Capital Market will soon witness issuance of over IRR 10 Billion Sukuk for financing companies in a Shariah compliant structure
Apr 24 2019
A look at efficient strategies for Development of Shariah Compliant Futures Contracts
Iran Financial Center (IFC) organized a meeting to look some efficient strategies for development of Islamic Equities portfolio contracts in Iran Capital market
Mar 21 2019
Equity Based Ijarah Sukuk in Iran Capital Market
Iran capital market is planning for development of Shariah compliant financial instruments
Feb 17 2019
New Proposals for Development of Islamic Treasury Notes
Iran Securities and Exchange Organization is studying new proposals for development of Islamic Treasury Notes
Jan 13 2019
Iran Capital Market officially luanched Equities Portfolio Futures
After two years ago, Shariah Board of Securities and Exchange Organization issued its resolution about equities portfolio contracts, the contracts were launched officially.
Dec 23 2018
Initial proposal to issue wakalah Sukuk in Iran
Iran capital market is planning to issue wakalah sukuk as a new financing mechanism for the companies
Nov 08 2018
Value of Sukuk Issuance Exceeded USD 10 Billion during 5 months of 2018
Iran capital market has welcomed to over USD 10 Billion Sukuk during from beginning of 2018 till end of May 2018
Jun 07 2018


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