Proposed Model
Today, manufacturers use the physical weighing method for selling of standard steel beams and the total price is calculated by the unit price. But as the transactions of standard beams (12, 14, 16, etc.) are usually based on single beams, substitution of physical weight by rounded theoretical weight method in transactions between manufacturers and distributors would be quite useful. Removing the corruption of dual selling methods and decreasing the time and charges of loading and delivery, and adjusting the manufacturer’s selling method with the consumption market would be among the advantages of rounded theoretical weight method.
In accordance with the national standard of Iran No. 1791, each one meter of standard steel beam of different numbers has a certain weight and the tolerance of the weight would be %±6 of the weight for a single beam and %±4 of the whole shipment weight (pack or bundle). In selling by theoretical weight method, the shipment is not physically weighed but manufacturer changes total meters of the shipment into the theoretical weight regarding the numbers of the beams and complied with the national mandatory standard No. 1791, and the theoretical weight of the shipment which could have the tolerance of %±4 would be determined as the basis for total price calculation.
Shariah Board Resolution
In rounded theoretical weight method, if the %±4 of the theoretical weight is commonly ignorable by purchasers, this type of transaction is correct; otherwise, it could be the instance of gharar (uncertainty) and is not correct.
In retail sale, if the rounded theoretical weight is the basis for calculating the price of each I-Beam and the total price of the whole shipment is based on the number and price of each I-Beam, the method is correct and permissible.
Session Number Session Date Description
125 Jun 01 2016


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