Proposed Model
Export and import licenses of some special commodities are issued to the legal or natural persons for a certain time limit by particular institutions, including ministries, Experiences of other countries show that relevant governmental institutions use the auctions for issuing the licenses. These licenses have certain expirations and are standardized in expiration and amount of import, in order to manage the secondary market if any exists. The advantage of this method is removing any economic rent and spending the earnings of which to improve and develop the relevant sector.
Shariah Board Resolution
¬In jurisprudential point of view, Commodity and the like export and import license, as stated in the Constitution, is deemed as a state subject and is a kind of right rendered to people. It is a financial right and could be owned by individuals. So, it can be transferred to another one.
Rendering the right of export or import license and the like to the others by the government in form of a bai’ (sale), sulh (reconciliation) or tamlik (possession) in the general meaning of muavezah (exchange) would be permissible and transactions of which in the secondary market by observing all conditions and orders of each contract would be correct and possible.

Session Number Session Date Description
122 Feb 17 2016
123 Mar 02 2016


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