ICM Course 3

3rd International Course on Islamic Capital Markets:

“A Window to Betterment and Justice”

Organized by:

Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO)

Islamic Development Bank (IDB)

13 - 15 Feb 2011

Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Lecturer & Presentation Title



Opening Ceremony


Dr. Salehabadi (SEO President, and Chairman of the Board)




A Presentation of "Shariah Board" of the SEO


Ayatollah Dr. Mesbahi Moghaddam, Chairman of Shariah Board (SEO)


Introduction to the Iranian Capital Market


Mr. Karim Karimi, Head of Int'l Division (SEO)


Shariah Principles in Islamic Capital Market (Riba, Gharar, …)

Ayatollah Hadavi Tehrani, Member of Shariah Board (SEO)


A new approach for Islamic Contracts in Islamic Financial Services

Dr. Ali Saeedi, Member of the Board. (SEO)



Experience of Issuing Musharakah Sukuk in Iran


Dr. Mousavian, Secretary of Shariah Board (SEO)


Financing instrument for Agricultural Sector (Muzara’ah Sukuk)

Mr. Majid Pireh

Islamic Finance Expert (SEO)


Operational Model for Islamic Construction Funds


Dr. Ghasem Mohseni, Board Member & Supervision on Financial Institutions Deputy (SEO)



Operational Model for Islamic Currency Funds


Mr. Mohammad Aram bonyar,

Amin Investment Bank



Islamic Corporate Governance


Prof. Dr. Syed Abdul Hamid AlJunid, Head of Economics & Governance Department, INCEIF


Islamic Risk Management


Prof. Dato' Dr. Kamaruddin Sharif, Head of Takaful & Wealth Planning Department, INCEIF


Financing instrument for governments

(Murabaha Sukuk)


Dr. Mousavian, Secretary of Shariah Board (SEO)



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       Islamic Republic of Iran


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